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Correct Diameter for a Ceiling Mounted Fixture or Chandelier…

Many clients ask: How do I determine the Correct Diameter for a Ceiling Mounted Fixture or Chandelier in my space?
There are a few formulas which you can use that are very simple:
A) MEASURE the WIDTH of the ROOM in FEET, multiply x 2 and convert to INCHES and add 4.
Your result will give the you the MINIMUM required diameter to hold the scale of the space.
A Lighting diameter chosen above this MINIMUM requirement will add even more drama and impact to your room.
For EXAMPLE: for a 10 foot room x 2 = 20 convert to inches plus 4 = 24 INCHES is Minimum diameter for your new fixture.
We believe it’s a great design decision to go above the Minimum requirement even if its just slightly larger. This is an opportunity for you to add some real excitement to a space!
If you choose fixtures that do not meet the minimum requirement this can make the whole room feel “off” and even boring.
B)  MEASURE the room, adding the LENGTH and the WIDTH together in FEET and convert the result to INCHES.
Fox EXAMPLE: a 10 x 12 FOOT ROOM: add 10 + 12 = 22 INCHES.
Overall Height of your Lighting:
The correct Height to Hang your fixture, obviously this depends on where you are placing your Lamp, what the usage will be of that room, and whether its to be over a Dining Table or not.
For Ceiling Mounted Fixtures to be placed over a Dining Room Table: the average Height above the table is 30 – 34 INCHES.
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