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Calgary's first School & Community Edible Garden!

But only with your help… This idea needs your vote (everyday) to come into fruition! 
Unique in scope, design and community connections, “The Owls’ Nest Too – Altadore School and Community Edible Garden” will be Calgary’s first school & community edible garden. “The Owl’s Nest Too” will be an organic, sustainable, edible garden and community learning place where healthy children, healthy communities, and environments grow!



Our Vision: Imagine a class of urban children with their hands in the soil, learning how to grow their own food, discovering how the natural world sustains them, and developing a deep-rooted sense of environmental stewardship as they become intimately familiar with the ecosystem of a thriving organic garden.  Listen as their teachers connect this hands-on work with core curriculum subjects of science, math, social studies, language, art and music.     Now imagine those students and teachers connecting with their community at that garden; people of all ages, all cultures, and from diverse demographics working and learning side-by-side, sharing the common goal of a bountiful harvest and a delicious meal, while experiencing  first-hand how to care for themselves and our earth.

History: Altadore School is an urban public school with 303 students in grades K-6, with a history of leading the way for Calgary Board of Education schools in sustainability and outdoor education. Our award-winning “Altadore Owls’ Nest” was Calgary’s first school-ground naturalization project, built in 1998, has become a treasured ecological learning space for our students and community.  Recent years have brought unprecedented densification of land in our community, while city agencies and communities are beginning to advocate sustainable living, eco-stewardship and edible education. Currently there is a large area of unused space on our school ground that could serve our community, school and environment if it were developed into a unique edible garden: organic, sustainable, educational, and linked to the community served by the school. A growth and conceptual extension of “The Altadore Owls Nest”, “The Owls’ Nest Too”  promises to open new ways of looking at curricular competencies, community and interagency collaborations, and multi-generational learning under the umbrella of environmental responsibility and sustainability.
Our Project: The Owls’ Nest Too, Altadore School and Community Edible Garden: Unique in scope, design and community connections, “The Owls’ Nest Too – Altadore School and Community Edible Garden” will be the first, large scale school and community edible garden in Calgary. Combining both school and community garden, and encompassing 11,600 square feet of unused school field to the north of our gymnasium, “The Owl’s Nest Too” will be organic, sustainable, and will work like this:

    • Individual class plots will provide each teacher and class an environment to plan, plant, maintain and harvest organic crops of their choice at a level of involvement that works best for each teacher and their desired learning outcomes.
    • Every class plot will be paired with a community gardener who will have an adjacent plot to grow their own crops; and who assist in maintenance during the school year and will maintain their corresponding class plot throughout the summer months.
    • 4 raised and accessible garden plots will be available for our community senior’s group.
    • All gardeners will participate in a large, 24’ x 48’ for-charity garden.
    • Further design plans include two paved and sheltered outdoor classroom/gathering areas (with work tables, wash areas, seating and student supplies), an orchard, berry plots, herb spirals, composting areas and perennial food and pollinator gardens.
    • Educational and community enrichment plans include school-wide education, curriculum development and teacher training, student and community club development, publicly accessible learning series’ and educational talks by gardening and sustainability experts, community-based garden building and harvest events, and the provision of a place to learn, work, grow and celebrate together.

Please Vote for our project : “The Owls’ Nest Too – Altadore School & Community Edible Garden”, and help us create a school-ground edible garden where healthy children, healthy community and healthy  environments grow – for generations to come – we all thank you in advance for your support!